Dragon’s Blood Lip Oil


What is it? A beautiful hybrid between a lip balm and a lip gloss that deeply hydrates, plumps, soothes and gives lips a glossy sheen that doesn’t feel sticky. Lift, plump and fill your lips with this luxurious multi-peptide and ceramide based lip plumper oil that envelops lips in a luminous, nourishing layer of pure plant-based oil and East Africa Nilotica.

Notes from the Curator: This lip oil will help helps to restore a healthy lip color, while the double encapsulated lip plumping peptide will help plump the lips overtime without needle. Dragon’s Blood Lip Plumper oil is a safe and natural way to plump, boost your lip’s natural collagen and replenish moisture levels on the lips.

Let’s get Nerdy: This lip plumper oil works in two important ways using a double-layered encapsulation delivery mechanism composed of a microsphere containing sub-micron spheres. The sub-micron spheres contain a blend of sensory and active ingredients that provides tingling sensation to lip surface. The blend also contains peptides that restore glycosaminoglycans, collagen, and moisture while adding instant volume to the lips.
It helps to provide an increase in hydration, resulting in noticeable plumping result.
It works over time to temporarily enlarge lip size without pain. This is an exclusive technology that increases lip size safely and painlessly by stimulating the lips to produce its own collagen.

Unique Features
Immediate slight hot and cold sensation that you can feel and see.
Safer and nautral alternative to surgery or injected lip fillers.
Noticeable, natural-looking results that you can see

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Please Note, in industry speak, this product will fall under the umbrella of "green beauty" and "clean beauty", but we dont think that captures all of its nuance and beauty.
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Dragon's Blood Lip Oil

Free U.S. Shipping, No Minimum
Active Subscribers Save 15% In Our Retail Shops