Skin Prep: Hyperpigmentation & Brightening


If Hyperpigmentation is your concern, we recommend starting a routine to address it, 6 months to a year before the big day.

From Lavanya “When I hit 35 a few years ago, I suddenly experienced increased hyperpigmentation: a slew of ‘age/liver spots’ appeared on my skin. What really helped me (and it took patience and a year of consistency) was a combination of 4 products:

1. Retinol. Also, see this detailed guide to Retinol here.

2. Gentle Chemical Exfoliation (with gentle acids): 1-2 times a week

3. Vitamin C serum ( I used a serum with a gentle Vitamin C ester)

4. And most importantly: consistent use of a sunscreen”

You will find Votary’s Brightening Hyaluronic acid serum (with a gentle dose of Glycolic acid), Cipher’s C-shield Vitamin C serum, And Votary’s Overnight treatment as well as Skin Alchemist’s Time Traveller in the bundle. Add sunscreen to this routine and you are set! You can then slowly add a  gentle retinol to this routine.

The Hyperpigmentation Bundle contains 4 full-size products.

The Votary box contains:
1. Intense Overnight Mask – Rosehip and Hyaluronic (50 ml, $136)
2. Brightening Hyaluronic Serum – Narcissus and AHA (50 ml, $118)

The Cipher-SkinAlchemists Box contains:
1. Cipher Skincare’s C-Shield Antioxidant Serum (30 ml, $95)
2. Skin Alchemist’s Time Traveller Renewing Face Cream (50ml, $117)

Total Retail Value of this bundle: $466

Notes: With this box, you have a hydrating, brightening serum, an overnight cream mask that works beautifully as a nighttime cream over serums & oils, an antioxidant Vitamin C serum, and a beautifully nourishing yet lightweight moisturizer that can be used both day or night, but that I especially love using during the day as it makes a beautiful base under makeup.

Below are suggestions for day and night time skincare rituals, but feel free to mix & match & play!

Daytime Ritual: To damp skin, Apply Cipher C-shield, add 1-4 drops of an oil serum (like these ones from Lepaar), & seal it all in with the Skin Alchemists’ Time Traveller cream.

Nighttime Ritual: To damp skin, apply 2-4 drops of Votary’s Brightening serum. Add 1-4 drops of an oil serum (optional), & seal in with Votary’s Intense Overnight Mask/cream.

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Please Note, in industry speak, this product will fall under the umbrella of "green beauty" and "clean beauty", but we dont think that captures all of its nuance and beauty.
Skin Prep: Hyperpigmentation & Brightening

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Active Subscribers Save 15% In Our Retail Shops